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Advanced Astrophotography Workshop

Refine your astrophotography shooting and editing skills with advanced techniques.




Advanced Astrophotography Workshop

Refine your astrophotography shooting and editing skills with advanced techniques.



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2019 Advanced Astrophotography Workshops
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Big Bend Astrophotography Workshop
March 10-11, 2019
March 12-13, 2019
Terlingua, Tx. - Total Cost $599.99

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Big Bend Advanced Astrophotography Workshop
 Terlingua, Texas
March 10-11, 2019 - Sold Out
March 12-13, 2019 - 10 spots open

You have a basic understanding of your camera. Maybe you have shot at night a few times, but want to take your work to the next level.

The Advanced Astrophotography Workshop covers everything you need to know to confidently create incredible night images on a consistent basis. 

Our advanced editing techniques will help you completely eliminate noise from your images and bring out color in galaxies and nebula. 

Of course this workshop is hosted in the darkest skies in the lower 48 states. We have been hosting workshops in Terlingua since 2014 and have access to private property that other photography workshops don't have, including Villa de la Mina Ghost Town. 


Lodging options in the immediate area include Big Bend Resort and Adventures, El Dorado Hotel, Chisos Mining Co. Motel, Big Bend Holiday Hotel, and Nuevo Terlingua. There are other options in the area available on Airbnb. If you need help finding lodging to suite your needs, let us know. 


March 10th or 12th

-5:00pm Meet and Greet at Big Bend Resort & Adventures
-7:00pm Dinner Break
-8:30pm Class on Setting Up Your Camera at Night
-11:00pm Depart for Shooting Ghost Town Shooting
-11:30pm Setup for Milky Way Shoot
-Shooting lasts until dawn

March 11th or 13th

-3:00pm Editing Astrophotography Images Class
-7:00pm Dinner Break
-11:00pm Depart for Shooting Big Bend Landscapes
-11:30pm  Setup for Milky Way Shoot Over Big Bend Landscape
-Shooting lasts until dawn

Tuesday March 12th or 14th

-Depart from Terlingua




What you will learn at your workshop

What you will learn at your workshop

2019 astrophotography workshop big bend terlingua texas tour guide

You will leave this workshop with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to compose, shoot, and edit striking images of the Milky Way and the night sky. Jason and his team will teach you everything you need to know, from planning your shoots, to successfully capturing your images, and bringing the images to life with post processing software. 

The advanced astrophotography workshop builds on the foundation you need to go back out, work your camera, and take dramatic pictures of the heavens above. We will teach you some of the finer nuances of night sky photography. You will learn years of knowledge in a matter of days. 

2019 astrophotography workshop big bend terlingua texas milky way starlight theatre


  • Understand the night sky
  • Know how to locate stars and constellations
  • Plan out your shots by utilizing star charts and light pollution maps
  • Learn to scout a location
  • Learn to use apps to see where the Milky Way will be at a given time
  • Create multi-image stacks (focus stacking)
  • Create stunning timelapses
  • Learn how to shoot the Milky Way
  • Learn how to photograph the Moon
  • Learn how to photograph Orion
  • Learn how to light your foreground with a Speedlight
  • Learn how to eliminate noise in your images
  • Learn how to paint with light
  • Create star trail images  
  • Create panoramas of the night sky 

 -  SCOTT CROTHERS   - Spring 2016 Astrophotography Workshop Participant

-SCOTT CROTHERS - Spring 2016 Astrophotography Workshop Participant

"I had really high hopes and expectations going into your Big Bend Advanced Astrophotography workshop, and it exceeded every one of them.   
This was truly a 'workshop' versus a 'photo tour' in that Jason gave us tutorials on his digital workflow which was extremely helpful to me.  Jason also helped us all by getting us in the best position to shoot the Milky Way,  and by suggesting starting points for our exposure settings.
The photos I came home with just blew me away.  I shared my favorites on Facebook and the reaction from my friends and their friends was overwhelming."
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What to bring to your workshop

What to bring to your workshop

 Fireball caught by 2016 Summer Astrophotography workshop participant, Greg Hardin. 

Fireball caught by 2016 Summer Astrophotography workshop participant, Greg Hardin. 


  • A sturdy tripod
  • A DSLR or mirrorless camera with capability to shoot at least ISO 1000 with moderate to little noise.
  • At least 2 batteries for your camera and a charger
  • A wide angle lens of at least 24mm with an aperture of f/4.0 or less. 
  • Memory cards totaling at least 64 gigabytes 
  • Camera bag that can be easily carried
  • Laptop with access to Adobe Creative Cloud (30 day free trial at Adobe.com
  • Card Reader and/or USB cable
  • An intervalometer 
  • Flashlight (recommend a Maglite or similar with high luminescence)
  • Snacks 
  • Folding chair

* Please no red headlamps or red lights


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