Desert Monsoon Photography Adventure

An adventure across the American Desert Southwest
to hunt for monsoon thunderstorms. 




Desert Monsoon Photography Adventure

An adventure across the American Desert Southwest
to hunt for monsoon thunderstorms. 



Desert Southwest Monsoon Photography adventure.
July 28 - 30, 2017 : Tucson, Arizona

Desert Southwest Monsoon Photography Workshop
from 399.99

Reserve Your Spot for $399.99 (transportation and lodging included)
July 28-30, 2017 : 6 seats open
Tuscson, Az. - Total Cost $1299.99

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This workshop is great for folks who love storms and weather, but want to be able to spend more time focusing on photographing these processes. The Supercell Adenture is inherently more intense due to the presence of destructive hail and violent tornadoes. Monsoon storms are a little more relaxed in nature. They tend to move slower and are less severe. We will see some awesome storms for the Monsoon Adventure, but it will be more focused on lightning, haboobs, storm structure, golden light and vibrant sunsets. 

It's hard to say where exactly we will be shooting for the workshop. It will most likely be the Tucson, Arizona area (ground zero for monsoon storms) but we could end up in New Mexico or West Texas, depending on how the monsoon is shaping up. The landscapes of the Desert Southwest can change very quickly, from wide open plains to mountains and valleys in just a few miles. We will have plenty of interesting foreground opportunities.  

One thing is certain, we will go where the best thunderstorms will be. The workshop is limited to 6 participants. 

You will be traversing the Desert Southwest on the hunt for monsoon storms with Jason Weingart. We won't stick you with an inexperienced storm guide like some of the tours out there. The Monsoon Photography Adventure is different because it's not a tour. You're not there to ride along and take snapshots. You will be learning all the ins and outs of weather photography for yourself. You will learn about forecasting these dangerous systems, how to safely position yourself around them, and how to document these storms like a professional. 


  • Registration covers your lodging throughout the duration of the workshop.
  • Transportation to and from shooting locations.
  • Personal portfolio review from Jason Weingart.
  • Anything else you need, just ask. If it's within reason, we will do everything we can to make it happen.
  • Bonus! Jason Weingart's Landscape Photography Editing Tutorial.


  • Hampton Inn Tucson-North
    1375 W. Grant Rd. Tucson, Arizona 85745
    (520) 206-0602



  • Friday July 28th - We will meet at 7am at the Hampton Inn for a meet and greet and short introduction to chasing monsoon storms. If we have to travel for storms for the next day, we will then begin the trip to get into position for the next day. If storms are in the forecast for the Tucson area, we will begin to chase the first afternoon.
  • Saturday July 29th - Chase day, followed by still photography editing workshop
  • Sunday July 30th - Chase day, followed by timelapse photography and video editing workshop. 
  • Monday July 31st - Depart from Tucson. 

What you will learn on the adventure



What you will learn on the adventure



Thunderstorm approaching Christmas, Arizona. July 31, 2016

You will leave this workshop with a thorough understanding of what it takes to track down and document monsoon storms. Jason will teach you everything you need to know, from forecasting storms, to positioning yourself around them, successfully capturing your images, and how to bring the images to life with post processing software. 

We will also touch on some other genres of photography throughout the course of the trip, including astrophotography, sunsets, and more. If there happens to be a day of inactive weather, we will still make the most of our time by shooting scenic images and improving your techniques. 

Topics covered 

  • Understand Southwest monsoon storms
  • Learn how to forecast where monsoon storms will form
  • Learn how to chase monsoon storms
  • Learn how to photograph lightning and storm structure 
  • Learn how to properly shoot video of a storm
  • Learn how to shoot still images to create a timelapse of a storm
  • Learn how to properly edit your still photographs
  • Learn how to properly edit your video

"It was an incredible adventure! The pro-photographer, Jason Weingart, not only got us to the right place at the right time while keeping us out of harms way, but was also an excellent teacher. Most days we shot late into the night. There is another world that exist in total darkness unlike anything I've seen before. 
Photographing extreme weather is exhilarating, challenging and risky. Would I do it again....absolutely!" 

-VICKIE LYON - 2016 Monsoon Photography Workshop Participant


What to bring on the adventure

What to bring on the adventure

Often monsoon storms last well into the night. 


  • A sturdy tripod
  • A DSLR camera
  • At least 2 batteries for your camera and a charger
  • A wide angle lens of at least 24mm with an aperture of f/4.0 or less. 
  • Memory cards totaling at least 64 gigabytes 
  • Camera bag that can be easily carried
  • Laptop with Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and LRtimelapse loaded
  • Cell phone with Radarscope installed
  • Card Reader and/or USB cable
  • An intervalometer 
  • Flashlight (recommend a Maglite or similar with high luminescence)
  • Jacket
  • Closed toed shoes 


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