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Tornado Adventures

Chase supercells and tornadoes across the Great Plains. Spring 2020.


Tornado Adventures

Chase supercells and tornadoes across the Great Plains. Spring 2020.

Storm chasing tours in tornado alley

There is nothing quite like storm chasing across the Great Plains of the United States. A simple google search will bring endless pages of storm chase tour companies for you to choose from.

Why choose Jason over the rest? Because storm chasing still gets him really excited! You won't be packed into a large fleet of vans with 30 other guests. Our tours are limited to 8 guests each. You will be riding along with Jason, hanging out at the hotels discussing the forecast, and learning the best techniques for capturing stunning images.

If you want to go with a more established tour company that has been around for decades, that's understandable. Don't be surprised if you are stuck in a fleet of vans, with some guide you've never even heard of. Many of these companies have grown so large that the owners make brief appearances, or you never even see them at all! There are also a number of cheaper options out there, but this isn't something you want to try to save a few dollars on. You get what you pay for, and if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

Storm chasing tours

Jason has been chasing for a decade and has taken guests out for six years. He has an unblemished safety record. Guest safety is our top priority. Jason and his team go above and beyond to make sure that you not only have an incredible experience, you go home safe. 

Some tours are pure thrill. Others tend to need some longer lenses as they hang way back. Jason is somewhere in the middle of these two. While you will get close to the action, having a few minutes to shoot at each location is taken into consideration. 

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Tornado Adventures Schedule

Tornado Adventures Schedule

2020 Tornado Adventures Schedule

The cost of lodging and transportation throughout the duration of your adventure is included. Click the schedule to see tornado probabilities, where you may be chasing, meeting location, and itineraries for each adventures.

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Tornado Adventure Experience

Tornado Adventure Experience

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What to expect on
your tornado tour

Have you seen the movie Twister? Great! It's hardly ever anything like that. Storm chasing can be a grind. We will drive you to the best severe weather setups in the country on the days of your tour. Sometimes this means long drives. A typical day can easily see two to six hours driving. Honestly, that is a big part of the fun. You are driven in state of the art 15 passenger vans complete with continuous wifi an built in tablets complete with radar and real time storm information. Guests are limited to 8 per van so everyone gets a window seat and has plenty of space to stretch out. This is a great way to see the heart of America! 

Storm chase tour

All that said, the driving is worth it. Every single mile. You will see things most people will never see in their lifetime. Storm chasing is an adventure like nothing else in the world. Most guests take home pictures better than anything they have ever shot. We make restroom and snack stops as needed. We try to eat at good places when time allows. Often it's breakfast at the hotel, a quick lunch, and a good dinner at a local restaurant. We only stay in clean hotels, rated 3.5 stars or higher on Trip Advisor when possible. Our team stays at the same hotel as our guests. 

What if we don't see storms?  Every Tornado Adventure has been in a tornado warning or severe thunderstorm warning. It's Spring in Tornado alley, we will be chasing supercells, likely daily.  In the event there are absolutely no storms to chase, we will still make the most of our time by visiting a photogenic location for sunrise, sunset, or even astrophotography.


storm chase tours

"The workshop was fantastic! I went in not knowing how to use my camera outside of auto mode. By the time the tour was over I understood how to use the features of my camera just fine, and got some amazing pictures to show for it - with minimal editing no less - and now that I know how to work it I use the manual settings and have taken some outstanding pictures since then with what I learned! I enjoyed it so much I'll be doing it again this year!"

-Tom Yount Jr. - 2017, 2018, and 2019 Tornado Adventure Guest


“Jason is the real deal. His years of experience give him a depth of understanding that was amazing. Safety was always a priority. He answered all my questions with the clarity of someone who REALLY knows his stuff. We saw five tornadoes in three days! I highly recommend Jason Weingart”

-Adrian Reeder - 2017 Tornado Adventure Guest


"My lifelong dream was to witness a tornado, so I signed up for Jason Weingart's Tornado Adventure. We saw 13 tornadoes in 3 days! It far exceeded my expectations. I didn't just get to witness supercells and tornadoes, I also got incredible pictures and videos of them to take home to show my family and friends. 
Thank you Jason!"
-Christopher Estep - 2016 Tornado Adventure Guest

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