Storm Chase Tour Frequently Asked Questions

Will I see a tornado on my adventure?
Nothing is guaranteed with nature. When there are tornadoes we are usually in the right place to see them. Your chance of seeing a tornado depends on the length of your adventure and the weather pattern in place during it. To increase your chances, our adventures are only held during the climatological peak of tornado season. We don’t drag people out in early April or into July to make a buck. Approximately 80% of our tours have seen tornadoes and 100% of them have been in a tornado or severe thunderstorm warning.

Which tour has the best chance of seeing a tornado?
No particular adventure has a better chance than another of seeing a tornado. It is a bit of a gamble, but even the adventures that didn’t see tornadoes have always at least seen a severe warned supercell. Storm chasing is a numbers game and the more days you are out there, the better your odds are of seeing something. The synoptic pattern in place during a given adventure is impossible to forecast more than a week out.

How close do we get to tornadoes?
Safety is our number one priority. Each situation is different, some tornadoes are highly visible, slow moving, and in favorable terrain with a good road network. These types of tornadoes are easier to get closer to and you could find yourself within a half mile of. Other tornadoes are fast moving, in unfavorable terrain, and can be partially or completely obscured by rain. These situations call for more caution. In these instances we will tend to hang back a bit and focus on the surrounding storm structure.

What should I consider when choosing a storm chasing tour?
We aren’t afraid to admit we haven’t been around the longest, but we certainly aren’t the newest storm chase company either. Some of the more established tours draw huge crowds sometimes as many as 30 guests total! This doesn’t leave the operator much time to spend with the guests and some big name operators don’t even attend their own storm tours! You will spend a considerable amount of time riding along with Jason, eating meals as a team, working together in forecasting and editing classes. We are probably the most educational storm chase tour available. You will learn a considerable amount about forecasting, chasing, and documenting severe weather! When choosing a storm chase tour company make sure to look at their pictures and videos. Don’t be afraid to ask for references.

What kind of vehicle do you drive?
Our guests travel in well maintained 15 passenger vans. The vans are custom designed for storm chasing and include free on board continuous WiFi for guests, signal boosters to help maintain a strong data signal in remote areas, and tablet stations for viewing radar and other crucial weather data.

What are the risks of going storm chasing with you?
There are definitely risks associated with chasing tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. While high winds, flooding, lightning, large hail, and tornadoes do pose significant hazards, we are experienced storm chasers. Jason has never had a safety incident in six years of leading severe weather photography workshops and ten years of chasing storms. The biggest risk with storm chasing comes from driving. We utilize a trained drivers and and experienced storm chasers, who work together at all times to watch the road. We also have a safe driving plan that goes into effect once we are in “chase mode” being mindful that other drivers may be distracted or panicked. We only park in safe areas and maintain a reasonable distance from the storm.

Will you stay around the base city during the adventure?
It is possible, but unlikely. While we may hang around a particular area for a few days, we usually end up traveling at least a bit during the adventure.

Can I get a reference?
We have references listed on the main page, but if you would like to hear more from any of guests from years past, we will gladly put you in touch with a bunch on them. Many of our guests return for another adventure the following year(s).

Can I follow you?
We only allow credentialed media to follow on a case by case basis. Use the form below to contact Jason.

Do you get the rights to my photos or videos?
We do not take any rights to your photos or videos. You retain full copyright of everything you capture on our Tornado Adventures. In some cases we may ask your permission to share your work on our social media outlets and website, but this is completely voluntary.

Do you offer any discounts?
We do offer a 15% military and first responder discount and a 10% discount to AARP members for all Tornado Adventures. Use the form below for more details.

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