A STORM chaser travels tens of thousands of miles to document America's wildest weather. Encountering lightning storms and erratic tornados are all in a day's work for Jason Weingart, who has been chasing massive storm systems across America since 2009.

Jason Weingart spends countless hours timelapsing incredible views of our planet. His work has been featured by major educational and news outlets across the globe including National Geographic, BBC, Discovery, Good Morning America and many more.

He is represented by StormViewLive (US) and Barcroft Media (UK). Stock footage may be licensed directly through either agency or by contacting Jason directly.

Footage of events is organized by categories below and include the life cycle of a tornado, lightning,  floods, meteor showers and the Milky Way. 

An exploration of supercells, tornadoes, and lightning through timelapse photography. This short film contains over 10,000 still images of various types of severe weather from twelve different states in the US. Music by Mexikus For more information visit... http://www.jasonrweingart.com

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