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Photography Workshops

The adventure of a lifetime for you and your camera. 


Photography Workshops

The adventure of a lifetime for you and your camera. 

Upcoming Workshops


Iceland Winter Photography Adventure
(GEminid Meteor shower)

 December 11-17, 2017 - Reykjavik, Iceland - 1 spot open


2018 Texas Big Bend Astrophotography Workshop

March 17-18, 2018 - Terlingua, Texas - 2 spots open


2018 Texas Bluebonnets Photography Workshops

March 24-25, 2018 - Austin, Texas - 3 spots open
March 30-31, 2018 - Austin, Texas - 9 spots open
April 7-8, 2018 - Austin, Texas - 8 spots open


2018 Supercell Photography Adventures

April 27-29, 2018 - Dallas, Texas - 5 spots open
May 4-6, 2018 - Dallas, Texas - 2 spots open
May 11-13, 2018 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 6 spots open
May 16-20, 2018 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 5 spots open  
May 21-28, 2018 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 5 spots open  
June 1-3, 2018 - Topeka, Kansas - 4 spots open


Monument Valley Photography Workshop

July 20-22, 2018 - The View Hotel Monument Valley - 6 spots open


Arizona Canyons Photography Workshop 

July 24-25, 2018 -  Page, Arizona- 6 spots open


Monsoon Photography Adventure

July 27-29, 2018 - Tucson, Arizona - 5 spots open


2018 Perseid's Meteor Shower Photography Workshop

August 10-12, 2018 - Terlingua, Texas - 12 spots open

Terlingua Meteor Stack.jpg

Workshops Overview

Workshops Overview

About Jason Weingart's Workshops

Participant Example. Image by Greg Hardin. Fireball and Milky Way. Terlingua, Texas. Shot at my 2016 Summer Astrophotography Workshop.

Participant Example. Image by Greg Hardin. Fireball and Milky Way. Terlingua, Texas. Shot at my 2016 Summer Astrophotography Workshop.

I began offering workshops in 2013 because I absolutely love teaching people photography. To me it is more rewarding to see a person's face light up after capturing a portfolio quality image than knowing I got a great picture myself.

Take this image shot by Greg Hardin at my 2016 Summer Astrophotography Workshop. Every single participant in our group caught this incredibly large fireball meteor, except me! And I couldn't have been happier about that! Teaching is what I do best and I am very grateful that so many choose me to teach them about photography. 

My approach to teaching is hands on. I won't take you to some location and leave you to fend for yourself while I shoot. Myself and the other instructors will be right beside you available to answer any questions and offer input on how to make the most out of what is in front of your camera. 

Participants of all skill levels are welcome to join. If you need help setting up your tripod and turning on your camera, I will help you learn. If you are a seasoned photographer that just wishes to learn a few new tricks or photograph something different and fun, you have also come to the right place. 

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Participant Reviews

Participant Reviews

Reviews from Recent Workshop Participants

"It was an incredible adventure! The pro-photographer, Jason Weingart, not only got us to the right place at the right time while keeping us out of harms way, but was also an excellent teacher. Most days we shot late into the night. There is another world that exist in total darkness unlike anything I've seen before. 
Photographing extreme weather is exhilarating, challenging and risky. Would I do it again....absolutely!" 
-VICKIE LYON - 2016 Monsoon Photography Workshop Participant

"This was truly a “workshop" versus a “photo tour” in that you gave us tutorials on your digital workflow which was extremely helpful to me. You also helped us all by getting us in the best position to shoot the Milky Way,  and by suggesting starting points for our exposure settings. 
The photos I came home with just blew me away. I shared my favorites on Facebook and the reaction from my friends and their friends was overwhelming - I even sold a few prints!  Thanks Jason."
-SCOTT CROTHERS - Spring 2016 Astrophotography Workshop Participant

"I purchased my first DSLR 4 months ago and was slowly learning to shoot using aperture priority and jpeg. After taking your workshop my skills have exploded! I’m taking pictures in manual and RAW format. Your skills as a photographer are admired by all, but your ability to teach new photographers how to use their equipment, identify great subjects and edit their pictures to make them their best is possibly your most significant talent. I will never forget how Jason the teacher has truly enriched my photographic skills and enjoyment.  You are absolutely the best! THANK YOU!" 
-Ken Kamka - 2016 Improving Your Photography 101 Workshop Participant

"My lifelong dream was to witness a tornado, so I signed up for Jason Weingart's Supercell Adventure. We saw 13 tornadoes in 3 days! It far exceeded my expectations. I didn't just get to witness supercells and tornadoes, I also got incredible pictures and videos of them to take home to show my family and friends. 
Thank you Jason!"
-Christopher Estep - 2016 Supercell Adventure Participant


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you offering workshops? 
Because I absolutely love teaching photography. To me, the experience of seeing someone's face light up when they get a great portfolio image is just as rewarding as snapping an award winning picture myself.

Why should I book with you over another established tour company?
The adventures available on this website are not tours, they are photography workshops. The tour companies that offer to take clients to destinations do just that. They pack you into a van, stick you with some guide, and send you along. When you go on a Jason Weingart Photography Workshop, you will be with Jason for the duration of the workshop. You will learn all the ins and outs associated with the type of workshop you have signed up for. You will leave the workshop prepared to go out and do the same work on your own. 

$1000 for a workshop?! I could take a college class for that amount! 
The average photo workshop ranges from $1000-$5000 for a 4 day session. I understand it's a lot of money, but if you took a photography course, it would be a general intro class, and it would cover a bunch of stuff you would probably rarely or never use. Also you would be taking the college class for about 2 hours a week for 16 weeks, totaling 32 hours. This is specialized training. Over those 4 days, we will spend about 48 hours learning all of the nuances of the type of photography covered. My workshops are also much more intimate than a photography class.

Have you hosted workshops in the past?
Yes. Jason has been hosting workshops professionally for four years. His events have a perfect track record with safety of participants in each type of workshop, including severe weather. There has never been an incident of any kind.

What is the difference between a "Workshop" and an "Adventure"?
You may have noticed some events are labeled as "workshops" and others as "adventures". Attending either photographic workshops or adventures is a great way to make leaps and bounds with both your shooting and editing work. The difference is workshops are typically in one or two general areas, whereas we may cross great distances for adventures. Workshops are planned to the "t", while with adventures conditions and opportunities dictate where our journey takes us next. 

What can I expect at one of your workshops?
For starters, not much rest. The days will be filled with classes meant to prepare you for the subject you will be dealing with, lots of shooting, and editing sessions to make your final product exactly what you want. You can also expect to have a ton of fun and leave with a thorough understanding of the topics we are covered.

Do you shoot your own images on your workshops?
Jason has discussed this with many participants, as they often have been on workshops where the instructors were more interested in shooting their own images than helping them learn. While Jason does take his gear with him, it is to help participants with settings and finding interesting compositions as opposed to creating his own images. If it is something Jason can't pass up shooting, he let's a timelapse run, but is 100% focused on participants and their images. 

What is your cancellation policy?
The cancellation policy is located at http://jasonweingart.com/cancellation-policy.
This policy covers cancellations from both students and the instructor, as well as deposit and refund information. Jason has never cancelled a workshop. 

How much post processing time is included?
Post processing time is included in each workshop but does vary. We usually schedule 2-3 post processing sessions throughout the workshop and a critique at the end.

How many students are in your workshops?
This depends on the workshop but I typically have smaller and more intimate groups. The group size can be found on each workshop page.

Do you allow people to follow behind your vehicle?
Only media personnel are allowed to do so, and only in very special circumstances.

Can I get a reference from past participants? 
Of course. Use the form below to request more references, and Jason would be happy to put you in touch with participants from past workshops. 

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